Bonfire Coffee and Colorado Charity Turn Your Holiday Coffee Into A Lifesaver

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Carbondale, CO – The act of drinking and sharing coffee may be one of the best ways to directly help one another, according to local coffee roaster Bonfire Coffee and Colorado-founded charity fi-lan’thro-pe.

Bonfire Coffee, has been working for years to find a way to bring coffee lovers together with coffee growing families, who happen to be some of the most impoverished farming families in the world, and bring about positive social change.

Along came fi-lan’thro-pe, a 501(c)(3) charity which has been living and working directly with coffee growing families in India, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam for the past six years on everything from clean water projects to fighting illegal loan shark rings which keep many families impoverished.

These two partners have now come together to bring the opportunity for Colorado coffee drinkers to put their coffee dollars toward real, traceable social impact.

Bonfire Coffee and fi-lan’thro-pe along with local Roaring Fork Valley farmers are trying to raise $25,000, this holiday season, that will directly go towards clean water, childhood education, medical care, sustainable agriculture, and bring an end to debt-slavery which plagues the coffee world. Make your pledge at Bonfire Coffee or visit by December 13th to reserve your coffee.

For every $15 donated via this project, $12 will go to K’ho Cil farmers in Lac Duong, Vietnam, $2 of your donation will be donated to the Roaring Fork Farmers Association to support their efforts, and $1 will go to Bonfire for roasting costs. Every donator will receive 12oz gift (or multiple gifts) of coffee from the Lac Duong community in Dalat, Vietnam as a thank you for your support.

 For More Information Contact Charlie Chacos at 970-274-1950

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