Coffee is not just a beverage; it is a sacred practice – a meditation to the senses. Savored with all the intention and pleasure of Sunday mornings under the covers, coffee doesn’t just warm the palette – it soothes the soul. We don’t just drink coffee, we “go for coffee” like we go to indie cinema and destination beaches. The experience is savored. It is its own medium; its own genre of consciousness. Coffee and coffee-house-loitering is a selfish indulgence for creatures of habit to retreat to a state of being. Caffeine has a way of facilitating such things. We’re not just making coffee; we’re brewing bliss – one cup at a time.

At Bonfire Coffee, we deliver exceptional craft-coffee, fresh roasted in small batches for optimal body and flavor. For those looking for quality unleaded, now you can enjoy the same bold, rich coffee flavor (and the same coffee-house indulgence) without the caffeine of high octane diesel. Our decaf forgoes the chemical solvents like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate still used by popular commercial franchises to strip caffeine molecules from the bean. At Bonfire Coffee, we only use decaf beans processed using the Swiss and Mountain Water processes, neither of which use harmful chemicals. 

Here’s the skinny on how it’s done…

The Swiss and Mountain Water methods employ a clean, chemical-free, indirect decaffeination, whereby beans endure a ten-hour process of pre-soaking, steaming and washing in ultra-pure water designed to extract caffeine molecules from the raw green bean. Flavor oils called colloids are removed from the bean during the wash, ionized and reintroduced after up to 99.9% of caffeine is removed from the bean. The re-infusion of the colloid oils ensures that beans emerge from the process with the integrity and nuance of their original body and flavor. When it’s all done, you get the yummy aroma, taste and ecstasy – without the caffeine.

So, treat yourself to responsibly sourced beans, fine-crafted by master roasters, and brewed to perfection by Bonfire’s passionate team of talented baristas. Decaf or leaded, we’ve made sure our coffee is the world’s finest, so you can enjoy every loving sip.

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