Our Kickstarter campaign has launched and we thank you all for your support. Every pledge makes a huge difference no matter how small or big. Please give whatever you can!

Bonfire Coffee is the local's favorite for responsibly sourced, small batch craft coffee in the Roaring Fork Valley. From Aspen to Carbondale and beyond, our award-winning micro-roaster and our masterful baristas serve it up better than you're likely to find — anywhere. 

We're bringing Bonfire Coffee's commitment to craftsmanship and dedication to community to the mid-valley at Willits in Basalt, but we need YOUR help. Support Bonfire's Kickstarter campaign and help us build a Bonfire you'll be proud to call your own.

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The Bonfire Coffee Team





Four years ago, I started Bonfire Coffee with my business partner, Jared Ettelson. Our mission brings big city quality coffee to the Rocky Mountains. Since then, Bonfire Coffee has added Head Roaster, Jeff Hollenbaugh. We've grown to be a complex operation with our café in Carbondale and the roasting facility in Glenwood Springs. We roast coffee for our café in addition to 18 wholesale accounts, 12 Whole Foods Markets and a number of office accounts and online retail customers.

The addition of a second location will help maximize our roasting capacity and further strengthen our brand in Western Colorado. The Willits location under the Element Hotel provides a perfect urban density that will allow our newest cafe to redefine people's perception of a great coffee experience typically unavailable in rural mountain regions.

This experience comes from the complete package of quality, service and design. Our quality is a product of extremely high standards of raw product. We constantly seek the best from the farm, to our roaster and finally to our cafés.

Our service is a product our combined restaurant experience coupled with and extensive, rigorous training program. Tamara Hayes-Norton brings over ten years as a corporate trainer to Bonfire Coffee.

Our design is a collaborative effort involving Lipkin - Warner Architects, Koru Design LLC and Tundra Design Services. Each firm adds their own expertise to create a beautiful, efficient and welcoming space that will be a community asset for years.

We are dedicated to respecting the entire supply chain.




Initiating growth is expensive and risky. Our experience and successful track record make it possible for us to get a loan at our local bank. But banks want to see equity contributions from its principal backers. While we scrape together cash ourselves we need your help to raise enough money to secure a bigger loan to build our proposed cafe.

We sincerely thank you for checking out our Kickstarter Campaign. Our community support has made growth possible. We are here to serve you and your community well. 




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