East Java - Natural

East Java - Natural

Origins: East Java, Indonesia 

Farm: Dawuhan Village, Bondowso

Process: Natural dried 

Roast: Light - medium  

The Cup:  Gentle fruit highlights with lingering dried fruits and caramel

This is a very unique coffee for Indonesia.  This natural process is more common in Ethiopia and Central Americas but the result is amazingly sweet and smooth.  Proper natural processing is very challenging given the extreme level of humidity in the region; it takes an astounding amount of effort and skill to ensure consistency and quality through strict quality controls. The end result, however, is an incredibly expressive, juicy, floral yet clean profile.

Pak Echwan has a big vision for his village and coffee farmer community. Being one of the head coffee farmers in his region, Pak took the initiative to dramatically improve the quality of his community’s coffee and began educating farmers on proper farming techniques and agricultural best practices. The villagers quickly took to Pak’s process improvements, and with each year, Pak continues to implement better quality control protocols, as well as investing in better equipment and storage as a result of the increased sales.