Guatemala - Lago De Atitlan

Guatemala - Lago De Atitlan

This is a new coffee from our importer Sustainable Harvest.  Sustainable Harvest offers exceptional traceability and transparency connecting coffee buyers to coffee growers to negotiate price directly and discuss quality expectations.  

Asproguate is an NGO comprised of farmers and agronomists who have partnered to improve the quality and market access of smallholder producers in several regions of Guatemala.

This unique model has helped Asprogaute scale its farmer training outreach, improving livelihoods, and coffee quality at the same time.

Region: Atitlan

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai

Processing Method: Washed;  sun and machine dried

The Cup: Juicy tropical fruits balance chocolate and almonds. 

Brew Methods: Conventional  Drip, Pour Over, Moka Pot