Ethiopia - Wush Wush

Ethiopia - Wush Wush

Origins:  Sidama 

Varietal: Indonesian varietals, Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Process: Special Process - Anaerobic Fermentation

The Cup:  Fruit - bomb, winey body notes of cranberry and a touch of pine

While tasting this coffee on the cupping table amongst other great coffees, we couldn’t help but notice how this coffee jumped off the table and soared above the rest. Not only is the “fruit bomb” taste an exception on its own, with a smooth, rich body, but its complexity is unique to the Anaerobic Fermentation that this coffee goes through.  Click the link for more information. 

This coffee underwent microbial fermentation for 120 hours, which is nearly three times longer than most other coffees.  Since this is a complex dance between specific microbes and the coffee beans, we get amazing flavors that range from super fruity, to spicy, floral, vegetal, and even some wine-like qualities. Balanced with a smooth, rich and soft body, this coffee will make you say, “Oh, wow”!

This is a rare and exclusive coffee.  We have a limited supply and expect this coffee to be an exceptional addition to your coffee drinking experience. Pre-order now to get your hands on a bag of freshly roasted Ethiopian Wush Wush.