Myanmar - Myin Dwin

Myanmar - Myin Dwin

Origins: Shan State

Farm: Myin Dwin

Varietal: Caturia, Costa Rica

Process: Natural dried on raised beds.

Roast: Medium - Light 

The Cup: Floral, sweet blackberry, red grape, nice acidity and round body. 

Myin Dwin is a great example of coffee's capacity to support positive change in a community.  Myin Dwin is one of the smaller groups in terms of acreage, but their productivity is exceptionally high for Myanmar.  This community also grows tea, oranges and avocadoes in addition to coffee.  
Up until the 1990's the part Shan State in which this village is located was famous for producing heroin poppies.  The families here decided to take the community in a different direction and they have never gone back.  After Myin Dwin lead the way, other communities in the area moved form poppy production to coffee, which is why neighboring villages refer to Myin Dwin as the "the mother of coffee".  
The village's name means "Horse Well" and there is a local legend of a magical horse that sprang from the town's well.  This community began working with Winrock/CQI project in 2015, and the growers here have been very successful in making the coffees one of those which consistently scores near the top.  This naturally processed coffee has good fruit notes but not over-powering.  It has great body and is a delightfully surprising coffee.