About us

We consciously and ethically source the highest quality coffee that benefits every community involved -- from the farm to your local cafe.  We partner with farmers, importers, and organizations from around the globe who support communities through sustainable farming and educational initiatives to empower those individuals who grow the beans we all love.  Bringing out the essence of each bean is an art; the roasting process is a careful balance between heat, time and origin.  We carefully coax the nuanced flavors locked inside each bean by craft roasting in small batches.  Come, join us around the bonfire, and see how we can ignite your day.  



 Bonfire Coffee
 433 Main Street  
 Carbondale, CO 81623  
 (970) 510-5327
 Hours: 6:30 am - 3 pm (Monday - Friday)

 Hours: 7 am - 3 pm (Saturday - Sunday)


Whole Sale Coffee Bonfire Coffee
Roasting Facility
3421 South Grand Avenue, Unit D
 Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81602
(970) 230-9198
 Hours vary. Please call ahead.  Tours and cuppings available upon request.