Ecuador - El Sauce

Ecuador - El Sauce

Origins: Loja Province

Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas, San Salvador, Catimor

Process: Washed 

The Cup: Chocolate, maple syrup with a touch fo raisin and almonds 

Brew Methods: Pourover, Drip.

Quilanga is one of Ecuador’s oldest and most reputed coffee-growing areas with several generations of producers having cultivated coffee in Quilanga. The El Sauce region is one of the highest coffee production areas in Quilanga and on these farms and is famed for its heirloom Criollo variety, a natural mutation of Typica. The producers of El Sauce have found their “secret sauce” by leveraging variety, climate, and terroir with excellent production and post-harvest practices, to produce coffee that stands out for its ripe fruit character and delicate citrus notes.


Market access for exceptional Ecuadorian producers.

Capamaco Trading is an exporting company founded in 2010 by Roberto Jiménez based in the Loja province of southern Ecuador. While technically not a cooperative in the traditional sense, Capamaco provides many of the same benefits and access to resources for farmers much like a cooperative would, including increased market access, technical training and assistance, and higher prices. The company works primarily with growers in the many regions of the southern half of Ecuador, where the diverse traditions of coffee growing date back to the early 1900s. We've worked with Capmaco Trading since 2018. Roberto describes Capamaco as a company that was born from the needs of producers in the south of Ecuador to access the specialty markets that their high-quality coffee rightfully deserves. Capamaco prides itself on providing a direct and transparent way to access the best Ecuadorian micro-lots.