Ethiopia - Limmu Kossa

Ethiopia - Limmu Kossa

Origins: Jimma Zone

Varietal: Heirloom varietals

Process: Washed, dried on raised beds

The Cup:  Bright citrus finish. 

Brew Methods: Pourover, Drip, and Espresso

This Limmu is back!  This is the new 2021 crop.   Enjoy  

Limmu Kossa is located in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia region in Ethiopia. The largest family-owned coffee farm in the district, Limmu Kossa is dedicated to producing remarkable coffee that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

Giday Berhe began his career as a coffee trader in 1993 and in the following years opened wet and dry mills in Jimma to supply the market with quality coffee. In 2000, Giday founded Limmu Kossa in the village of Galeh in Jimma, and today the farm employs 500 full-time, year-round workers cultivating exquisite Ethiopian heirloom varietals across 356 hectares of land.

Giday is as relentless in his pursuit of coffee excellence as he is driven by his work in his local community - he is known around the village as “Abba Ollie” or “he who uplifts.” The name is fitting - Giday invests significant portions of Limmu Kossa’s profit into building schools and roads for the village, providing health care access and subsidized goods and services to workers, and teaching farmers better practices and techniques in order to increase quality and receive higher premiums.

The result of Giday’s rigorous quality standards and uncompromising professionalism is coffee that stands out in a country where excellent coffee abounds. The farm cultivates its heirloom varietals to be as close to their wild grown counterparts as they can, made possible by exceptional agro-forestry practices. The plants grow in the shade of 43 different species of trees, allowing for slow cherry development and beans that are denser and more flavorful.