Green Coffee Beans - Nicaragua Buena Vista  per lb

Green Coffee Beans - Nicaragua Buena Vista per lb

Origins: Nueva Segovia

Producer: Roger Easu Herrara Ortiz

Varietal: Maragogipe

Process: Dry fermentation, dried on raised beds.

The Cup:  Plum, with a floral, sweet lime finish. 

Producer, Roger Esau Herrara Ortiz, makes some wonderful coffee in the high mountain of the northern Nicaraguan border. This is a unique varietal called Maragogipe, which is also known as the Elephant Coffee Bean.  It is a mutation of the Typica varietal that is very rare but appreciated by coffee aficionados.  This coffee placed #5 at the 2017 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence. 

Founded in 1997, Roger is considered one of the pioneers of coffee farming in this region of Nicaragua.  Previously a mining camp for rebel forces during military rule, the land that Roger turned into his farmland proved incredibly difficult for coffee production but produced amazing results over time.

With a familial focus on protecting the natural beauty of the land while producing the best coffee available, the Ortz family enjoys a new ecological wet mill.  While reducing water quantities, the new mill meticulously sorts coffee cherries into four separate tanks, resulting in high-quality nano-lots that produce this award-winning coffee.