Kenya - Roi Estate

Thanks to Jackson and Dennis, the father/son team behind Elephant Coffee Importers in Denver, CO, we small-scale Western Slope roasters have access to some amazing coffees from Kenya. This coffee is no exception. Jackson visits the wet mills (factories) in the coffee growing regions south of Mt. Kenya and seeks out the best coffees available. He then offers a price to the farmers, in line with the quality of their coffee, to keep the coffee separate from the Kenya government auction. The prices need to be compelling to guarantee the coffee won't go to auction, and Jackson knows good coffee. The combination of these efforts benefits the farmer, encouraging quality in growing seasons to come. Pretty amazing to be able to experience all this in small-town western Colorado.

The Roi Estate lies in Kiambu County at an elevation of 1,720 meters growing coffee on 35 acres.

Origins: Roi Estate, Kiambu County

Varietal: SL 28, Ruiru 11

Process: Kenya Washed

The Cup: Pineapple, black currant, molasses sweet.