Wholesale Coffee

Bonfire Coffee Company



When choosing Bonfire Coffee as your roaster you are receiving much more than just excellent coffee. You are receiving a partner. We are here to help you with whatever you need. From information about coffees, equipment, design and menu pricing we are here to help.


At Bonfire Coffee, “never stop learning” is our motto. Our knowledge of brew standards, equipment and coffee are at the highest level. We are happy to share our wealth of knowledge to bring your program to the top!

Farm to Cup

Bonfire Coffee consciously and ethically sources the highest quality coffees and benefit every community involved, from farm to your cup. This commitment often far exceeds Fair Trade standards. All coffees are naturally organic or certified organic depending on the region.

Coffee Lab

Our Coffee Lab is the only one of its kind on the Western Slope. Complete with cupping table for coffee tasting tutorials and espresso machine to train your key employees on espresso extraction and milk steaming. For start-up’s, train on your own equipment before you open!