Guatemala - Tres Cruces

A pleasant sweetness, with blackberry and tart cherry notes, compliments a round chocolate mouthfeel.    

FECCEG has had associates in San Martin Jilotepeque since 2013 and since then has known the production area of 13 municipalities surrounding Joyabaj where the commercial tradition is mature for  coffee. The initiative to implement a wet mill for the purchase and processing of ripe coffee was validated positively by the production of quality coffees. The Joyabaj Wet Mill is located in a central area of the mill and is accessible to the services necessary to operate. The first year of operation was in 2021 and it operated from January to April, processing 5,000 quintals of parchment coffee.

The harvesting, collection and selection of coffee beans are carried out by family members of each producer. Not all members of the communities have the means of transportation to transport their coffee, therefore there are people in charge of transporting the cherry coffee to the Joyabaj Wet Mill. In the Joyabaj Wet Mill the process begins with the washing of the cherry coffee, followed by a selection process that eliminates floating coffee beans. The next step is the fermentation of the coffee with the husk, which takes an average of 18 hours, followed by the pulping process and then the drying process in a solar dryer with African beds. The realization of this process takes approximately 6 days of drying, and manual movements are made so that the drying process is achieved uniformly.